20 of the best UX design blogs



Looking for tips, tricks and techniques in the art of UX design? 

Then look no further than this list of the best UX blogs around!

Are you working in UX design or considering a move in to the field? UX design is still a relatively new pursuit and is a field that’s in a constant state of flux. This is because more and more companies and institutions are starting to recognize the importance of this once overlooked field.

As a result, you’ll want to make sure you continuously hone and develop your skills. Doing your own research is one of the ways you can help guarantee that your designs will be cutting edge and have the highest degree of usability.

The good news is that, nowadays, it’s easier than ever to learn new skills and keep up with news and trends online. And research doesn’t have to be boring! In this post, we’ve rounded up a list of the top 35 UX blogs full of tips, resources and entertaining content for you to combine with your favorite website prototyping tool. Read on and pick your favorites!

Why you should read up on UX design

Follow industry trends

Just like graphic design and web development, UX design trends come and go for a reason. UX is all about developing a better digital world for humanity. It’s a field that requires innovation, but that is constantly evolving. Regularly following UX blogs can help you keep on top of changes in the industry, as well as develop your UX skills.

Additionally, many UX blogs expose you to case studies detailing an app or web’s successful development, along with how its usability was improved. Reading about these types of cases can help give you ideas. In this sense, UX blogs can help provide an indication for the kinds of directions your future projects should take.

Best UX design blogs - case studies, inspiration and resources

After all, trends usually develop as a result of improving certain technologies to avoid previous errors. That’s why it’s important, above all in UX, to keep abreast of the latest trends. It’s also good for business – if your product has a good UX, it’s much more likely to succeed. Sound like a no-brainer? That’s because it is!

Discover useful tools and resources

UX blogs can also be great places to discover new tools of the trade or updates and improvements to current ones! Many UX blogs contain useful guides on how to use certain design or user testing tools.

They’re also a great place to look for inspirational examples when it comes to UI design. In fact, many of the UX blogs on this list are full of examples, as well as the trials and errors that other designers have recorded. What’s better than learning from other people’s experiences? That’s how we move forward!

Additionally, by following UX blogs, you can keep up to date with upcoming seminars, conferences and webinars on the subject. Many of the blogs on this list includes dates for meetups, talks and conferences all around the globe.

So without further ado, here are the 3 best UX blogs to add to your bookmarks and start following today!


1. Justinmind

Yep. That’s us. The voice of UX design. If you’re reading this, then you’re already off to a great start! The Justinmind blog has a wealth of educational but informal and fun posts on a variety of relevant UX design topics which we publish regularly!

On the Justinmind blog, you can find well-researched posts covering every topic from the latest trends and developments in UX design, guides on how to use our prototyping tool, as well as general UX and graphic design tips.

Best UX design blogs - Justinmind

If you haven’t already, add us to your bookmarks and we promise to keep you regularly up to date with entertaining and relevant posts each week! Or alternatively, just sign up for our newsletter for great posts to your inbox each week.


2. Smashing Magazine

If you’ve worked in digital design at all, then you’ve surely heard of the Smashing Magazine blog. This UX blog has regular posts that are highly-informed and written by UX design experts such as Nick Babich and Vitaly Friedman.

Smashing Magazine covers everything from monthly web development, but also a list of important design developments every month.

Best UX design blogs - Smashing Magazine

You can also find trends and techniques from other UXers in the field. One of the great things about this UX blog is that it even includes interesting and less touched-upon topics. You’ll find posts on subjects such as the psychology, even the biology, behind design.


3. Nielsen Norman Group

You know that the Nielsen Norman Group’s UX blog is the place to come when you see the name of one of UX’s founding fathers in the name. Co-founded by Don Norman, this UX blog features many research-driven and educational posts on the research behind UX design.

Many of the topics on this blog revolve around user testing and user behavior. They also feature posts on UX for ecommerce, mobile design and user friendliness. While the posts are scientifically oriented, they’re written in a way that’s readable and decipherable for lay people.

Best UX design blogs - Nielsen Norman Group

One of the most helpful features of this blog are the research posts they publish, with data and facts from previous studies in the field of UX design that can serve as a useful aid when designing user-friendly features in a product.

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