4 Features Currently Trending In Digital Media Market

The one and only industry which is trending and updating on a daily and sometimes an hourly basis is inexplicably the Digital marketing industry. Trends that keep updating on the digital marketing space are numerous. Someone comes up with an idea which clicks, sometimes intentionally and sometimes accidentally. Once that happens, the idea is improvised, replicated or simply copied and used by other digital marketers.

However, among the many trends, here are 4 such unique marketing initiatives on the digital media front that have given great outputs. Often, the many best digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad, including us are using these 4 features to its extent to yield the best results.

1. Interactive Chatbots

Just like every other best digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, we have also suffered a common problem faced by the lot – we bring the leads but they are never approached or contacted by the service providers. Calling the leads definitely demands human intervention, however chatting over text with clients is one thing that can be automated. The intervention of ‘interactive chatbots’ has reduced a lot of human effort. The things that chatbots do are;

a. They gather the initial information of the leads that are very crucial yet sometimes missed by humans – name, contact details, the purpose of the chat.

b. Post-chat, depending on the kind of query or purpose for the chat, they auto segregate and pass on the chat to the concerned executives of the tech support team.

c. Also, the chatbots otherwise channelize the lead funnel and eliminate the unworthy leads while highlighting the quality ones.

2. Voice Search

This feature has become a trend so viral that everyone uses it as a norm. It was designed initially to make the search easier even when you are on the ride. But, now no matter what you are doing or where you are, if you need to search, voice search it is. Google searches are the key factor that designs the entire structure and flow of digital marketing. Even if we are not the number 1 result in the search, our campaign might pop-up second or third. As the voice search took over, the challenge to come up first has raised because this search feature only gives you the top best-related results. Only a very few succeed and have secured the title of the best digital marketing agency in Hyderabad

3. Integrating AI

AI – Artificial Intelligence is another trend which the digital marketers are exploiting to their heart’s content to optimize the workflow. Many times, the typical 9 hours in a day that are dedicated to our work are mostly wasted because of the menial tasks, which could be automated. Integrating the artificial intelligence has henceforth brought this efficiency which was lacking previously. From an optimum level to high level, AI is used for different things. Every best digital marketing agency in Hyderabad uses AI to automate the menial tasks that consume valuable time. Here are a few of the common uses of AI in every agency.

a. Shooting out customized emails to a crowd

b. Lead segregation

c. Data synchronization

4. Influencer Marketing

Approaching social media influencers to talk about your brand is the new trend. For TV advertisements and hoardings, we go for a celebrity as the marketing idol because they influence a section of the crowd. Now, as the digital media market is growing enormously, the influencers in this media who have a good number of followers are approached for branding. The benefits of influencer marketing are;


a. It’s cost effective – a social media influencer wouldn’t charge you as much as a celebrity movie star would.

b. You can track the results – Not every time a strategy works. Unlike the TV advertisements or hoardings, here you know how many have visited the influencer and if the results were as effective as anticipated or not.

c. You don’t have to stick to only one. There are so many people out there with maximum reach to an audience on the digital platform that you don’t have to depend on only one influencer. In fact, our personal experience has told us that, creating a digital buzz on social media at the same time by many influencers all over the place, the impact is humongous. With these 4 exceptional features trending in the digital media, the internet marketers have got an opportunity to explore, exploit and to extract much more benefits than before. For how long will these trends continue to perform and give results is yet to be known, however. Moreover, keeping these trends as the basis, many new aspects and features are anticipated to come forth.

If you are into digital marketing, the expectation is to come up with a strategy that becomes a trend, but not to replicate one.


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