Digital marketing in the 90’s

Back in ’99, SEO was the wild west.Marketers would routinely keyword stuff the heck out of websites, because, well, the more times a keyword appeared on the page meant the more relevant and likely it was to rank well in these early search engines.

“Black-hat” techniques as we refer to them today, were the norm (keyword stuffing, excessive tagging and spammy backlinks). They made the internet a difficult place to find the right info, but hey, it sure beat the encyclopedias and text books we were used to finding answers in.

Google saw this as an opportunity and began to re-imagine the way search engines displayed results, connecting searchers to more desirable websites. Their algorithm helped pave the way to the search experience we know and love today.

In 2019, these unethical, antiquated techniques have been left in the past.

Search engine optimization is all about user experience and delivering the correct result as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Voice search, high competition and 0-click results mean that the SEOs of today need to be much more creative and talented than their counterparts 20 years ago.

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