5 Digital Marketing Facts For Start-Ups

With growing entrepreneurship, the need to establish themselves as the best solution available in the market has also increased. Digital marketing is one such way that establishes any brand across the web with ease. It is an accepted and proven fact that one needs to exploit the power of being virtually present in order to succeed. But how remains a question?

In the last three years as we’ve seen start-ups plan their course of digital marketing, here’s the conclusion that we’ve arrived at. These are also the same teachings that we extend to our clients so that they know what to expect.

1. Before investing in digital marketing, you need to know why you are doing so

Digital marketing has a lot of benefits. Especially to the budding start-ups, it provides numerous possibilities and exploring everything at once is not an option. Like they say, you can’t sail on two boats at a time. So, a start-up needs to have a clear understanding of what is the end result that they are expecting from digital marketing.

Is it brand awareness among potential leads?

Is it to build a brand through organic and genuine content marketing?

Or is it to generate leads who can become potential customers?

We give great importance to communication with the client to understand the same. Knowing what their expectation is, will help us come up with the right strategy.

2. Digital marketing is the best source of research for start-ups;

A start-up has two key focus areas to research and analyze;

1. To identify the target audience – Who and from where are people looking up for solutions that the start-up has to offer as a service?

We provide a transparent analytical data that will give a clear picture of who the target audience is – where are they from, at what time are they searching for us the most, where is the density high, etc.

2. To understand what kind of solutions the target audience is looking for – Sometimes the idea of a start-up might be amazing and out-of-the-box, but the demand for such service might be next to nil. So, understanding whether or not people are searching for your service or similar services will give you a better scope of shaping up your services in a client desired manner.

Questionnaires, forums, and polls are few very commonly used tools for this.

3. ‘Patience is the virtue’

The same thing that we’ve been saying for quite some time now, is that digital marketing works purely on strategy and for the strategy to work and show results, it takes time.

If the intention of the client is to get more customers via digital marketing then they need to understand that it takes time. People might look you up on the internet because your name sounds interesting or the blog looks genuine, but they won’t invest in you immediately. It takes a lot of trust and reliability for a lead to become a customer

4. Are you up for trial and error?

A similar strategy for the same service might not work for different companies. Similarly, the same strategy that worked last summer might not give you exact results in this fall. For start-ups, the trial and error keep applying again and again until we figure out that something is working out well and giving us the desired results. If a start-up is up for trial and error to figure out what works the best for them, then digital marketing is game!

5. It’s not a short budget plan!

The very reason any start-up would opt for digital marketing is that it doesn’t cost you as much as offline marketing does.

We say if you want to make your online presence to work, quit thinking like that!

Digital marketing is not about getting a cheap or economical marketing solution that will give you a better ROI. Once you get an understanding of what strategy works for you, you need to spend money and resources on it. Because quality comes at a cost! Now, the expense won’t be as huge as the other marketing solutions, but it will definitely cost you and that is something you should be flexible to spend.

In the end, the plan is simple – you figure out why you need digital marketing for your start-up and you do your research. Once that’s done, you decide on a generous budget but be patient for results as there is going to be some trial and error happening to figure out what works the best for you.

We aim to deliver the best, it might take time, but it will be the best!

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